News 2015

Morgan Szymanski´s brand new solo recording will be released in the summer 2015. ´Nuevo Mundo´ is Szymanski´s new project, involving works written especially for him by composers Simone Iannarelli, Paul Coles, Stephen McNeff, Alec Roth and Julio César Oliva.

Oliva´s ´Cuatro Imágenes de México´are four beautiful portraits of his native Mexico, including the passing of a day Mexico City – sunrise, midday, sunset and night- the magical mountains of Tepoztlán, and the beaches of Ensenada and Los Cabos. A promotional video will also be released using the astonishing aereal photography of Mexico by photographer Michael Calderwood, alongside video footage filmed in the 1980´s by Morgan´s father, Jorge Szymanski.

On his last visit to Mexico, composer Stephen McNeff was introduced by a mutual friend, John Finney, to the custom of drinking tequila, sangrita and beer as a chaser. The lethal combination is also known as the ´Tres Angelitos Mexicanos´. The effects of tequila served as inspiration and Stephen´s new work in three movements is a wonderful new addition to the guitar repertoire. Paul Coles´s ´Fantasía Tropical´ is a fun and rhythmical work that just makes one want to get up and dance.  The music of the much in demand Roman composer Simone Iannarelli has always been part of Szymanski´s recordings and this is no exception. His ´Café Jarocho´ inspired by a famous coffee stall in the Coyoacan area of Mexico City makes a wonderful addition to his ´Italian Coffee´ pieces. In 2004, Alec Roth gave Szymanski a wonderful birthday present:  ´El Frijolito Brincador´ (The Mexican Jumping Bean) it is a fun and slightly whacky dance that just had to appear in the new recording. The recording will be available on Sarabande Records through Szymanski´s website and available as CD and download from June 2015.